NSR favoritt i The Foot of the Charles!

NSR roer og Northeastern University roer, Ole Henrik Bang skal i ilden denne helgen, som regjerende mester i coxet firrer i The Foot of the Charles!

Under er det litt kort informasjon om løpet, søndag vil det komme et referat fra Ole Henrik om hvordan løpet gikk.

Lykke til Ole!

The fall season is about to wrap up and the best universities in the U.S. put out their best crews in coxed fours (4+) to compete for honor and bragging rights. The Foot of the Charles takes place on the Charles River, Boston, U.S. It is a 2.5 mile race (aprox. 4k) and goes from the M.I.T. boathouse to Harvards Boathouse. “The Foot” is a head race, meaning that the boats starts with a time gap (usually 15s) and will be timed over the course, and the fastest overall crew wins. Northeastern University won last year, 1.5s ahead of Harvard University. (I stroked this boat). This means that we are seeded number 1 this year, and will start first, which should give us an advantage. 

Schools that will compete in the Foot of the Charles are at least, but not limited to:

– Boston University

– Harvard University

– Brown University

– Massachusetts Institute of Technology

– Boston College

– Northeastern University

The race will start 9am EST, (3pm Norwegian time) and results will be up on www.row2k.com and http://www.gonu.com/index.aspx?path=mrow\

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