Profile nr 11 – Roger!

Profile nr 11 – Roger!

It is time to publish the Profile everyone has been expecting for so long, next up is coach Roger Wiggin! Roger came to NSR and Norway in 2009. He has coached both juniors and seniors at NSR this year, and among them a 4- has been to U23 world Championships and yet another NSR boat of his represented Norway in the Baltic Cup this year!

In Roger’s past he has coached legends like Steve Redgrave, and LW women at Oxford University. Roger has also been a good rower, but what is really surprising is that Roger actually was born in 1953, he sure looks younger! We are truly grateful for having him with us!


Name:   Roger John Wiggin

Profession: Human Resources

Birth: Yes! (South Wales – Cardiff 14.06.1953)

Residence: now in Høvik and Henley-on-Thames


When and where was the first time you ever sat your foot in a rowing boat? Llandaff Rowing Club, Cardiff when I was about 5 years old…… (1958!)

How were you introduced to rowing? Dad…….. and his Dad before him did the same!

Did you compete a lot?  Yes I guess so at School and University (London) but then I injured my knees and had to stop training for a year….

Your greatest race ever? Wow, umm the Lincoln to Boston marathon (50k) in 4 hrs 28 minutes 44 seconds – in a single.

Your toughest race?  As above!

Favourite boat type (1,2,4,8)?  Probably the 2x but I have a soft spot also for Lvt 4-.

What is the most prestigious you can imagine in rowing? Olympic gold….?

 Where is the best place you have ever rowed? Ratzeburg in Germany

When did you start coaching? When I injured my knees (1976!)

Your most memorable crew/rower you have coached? That first crew in 1976 – they won at Henley and broke the record.

What about rowing do you like the most, and do you have any favourite part of the rowing stroke? The best part of the stroke is the catch because it is the most complicated point of the stroke. The best thing about rowing is having a drink in the bar afterwards…. 🙂

How many hours do you spend at NSR per week? 1,845

The nicest rowing kit/suit? I’d have to think about that.

Is there anything you would change at NSR? Of course but there is a lot right about the club.

The best thing about NSR? Without question the warmth of the people.

Your favourite athlete? Steve Redgrave

Are you fan of any other sports? Yes too many to mention!

Do you enjoy Norway?! Very much!


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